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posted on October 23, 2017, 9:17 am

Join our Real Estate License Exam 2017 Preparation Course Now - Latest Dates - SBG: 28/10/17 & 4/11/17 | JB: 28/10/17 & 30/10/17


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What our students say

BOVAEA Top Student in the 2014 Diploma in Estate Agency


"Firstly, Good Institute has a very comprehensive studying material and with that, I can use the material to study at home, in the office - almost anywhere!
Secondly, the lecturers! I found that the lecturers are equipped with industrial experience. So they manage to help me in studies and in my practice, in my work. With this excellent result, I am certain that I have chosen a right ins>
"The additional tutorial class help a lot, besides crash course. Manage to answer Introduction to Law subject confidently in exam hall because the chapters discussed in classes really came out in examination.
In my opinion, every student who came for tutorials should be able to answer exam questions" - W. C. Lau, March 2013 Student

"For Marketing, Good Institute lecturer’s teachings and explanation in tutorial really helps.
Crash Course and Past year revision helps a lot for exam preparation" -Susan Choong, July 2013 student


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