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posted on February 23, 2016, 4:46 pm
Things to look out for when buying property in Malaysia

Everyone keeps saying the time to invest on property is now but with so many options and different factors in play, how should we ensure that we get the best deal when shopping for a piece of property? Here are some tips to help you out when searching for the right property to invest.

1. Landscaping

We are not just talking about the landscaping of the landed property or the compound the condominium sits on. It goes without saying that your property must be at least pleasant to look at and well maintained. The neighborhood where the property is located should be taken into account too. If the landscaping of the area is done well, it means that the person in charge is performing, they will probably be more helpful when it comes to other issues.

2. No unplanned vacant land around

Buyers should be aware of all vacant land in the region, and investigate if future construction or planning will affect the quality, accessibility, view and value of the property. It is better to invest on properties with no vacant land in the region.

3. Gated or guarded community

Gated communities are now in high demand. People wants to keep anything unfavorable out. This is to ensure the safety of their family, and to keep the neighborhood in peace.

4. Near international or high-performing Chinese schools

Having a Chinese school in the neighborhood greatly increases the value of a property. More non-Chinese families are demanding to move nearer to these vernacular schools as they want to send their children there, as well as gaining good support system among parents.

5. Who are your neighbors?

Neighboring township should be taken into consideration when buying a home, in fact, this is an important factor. For example, Cyberjaya succeeded because it is next to Putrajaya. Just as important, find out the racial composition as well as the job backgrounds of your neighbors, whether you prefer a culturally mixed neighborhood or otherwise.

6. Population growth

It is also important for you to investigate the population trend in the region, whether it is increasing, or decreasing. The bigger population it is, the higher chance to get better return from your investment. Besides, bigger population gives better supply services, for example, clinics, restaurant, hypermarket, and so on.

7. Infrastructure/connectivity

We all know that connectivity is very important as more people are now living away from central locations. People are moving to townships like Setia Alam and Cyberjaya because there are highways connected to these townships and it became very convenient for them. Nowadays, people do not want their homes to be so close to central location because of their noise but at the same time, they do not want it to be too far away either. Therefore, connectivity is now an important factor to be considered.

8. Reputable developer

It is very important buy properties from developer with positive reviews in terms of quality and track record. It also must have a good following and someone who does not price their products to the maximum and allow for reasonable returns.
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posted on February 23, 2016, 5:23 pm
Know Your Rights As a Strata Owner

Strata living is quick turning into a lifestyle in Malaysia, right now around 30% of the nation's populace is living in strata-title structures. The expression "strata" was initially presented legitimately in 1985 in light of the mushrooming of multi-story structures as an aftereffect of urbanization occurring in significant urban communities; Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Johor Bharu.

Strata went under the spotlight as of late with the usage of the Strata Management Act 2013 (SMA 2013) on June 1, 2015, supplanting Building and Common Property (Maintenance and Management) Act 2007 (BCPA 2007). The new establishment stands to adjust the constraints of its antecedents, where it now gives clearer and more stringent procurements on the administration of stratified in Malaysia, including private, business or even a blended use improvement.

Numerous proprietors of strata properties, in any case, are still not mindful of what strata really implies and what rights the SMA 2013 qualifies them for. Scattering the normal misguided judgment that strata properties allude just to tall building units, Chris Tan, Founder and Managing Partner of Chur Associates, clarifies that strata properties are not restricted to townhouses and condo, gated and monitored landed improvements, otherwise called 'level strata' falls under this classification also.

Talking at the late Malaysian Property Expo (MAPEX) 2015 reasonable, Chris said that strata proprietors are the same as shareholders of an open recorded organization. This is on the grounds that the estimation of their habitation (strata property) is subject to its upkeep and condition. Much the same as how a well-run organization will encounter climbing offer costs, an all around kept up and legitimately oversaw home will see gratefulness in quality. The upkeep of strata structures is bolstered by the administration charges (SC) and sinking reserve (SF) gathered from occupants.

Administration Charge

Regularly scheduled installments for keeping up normal offices and basic property in the advancement, for example, swimming pools, lifts, and security administrations.

Sinking Fund

Covers future capital costs, which are not as regular, for example, the artwork of the faáade and restoration or substitution of apparatuses. The asset's sum must be sufficient to cover all the improvement's costs; it is typically gathered ahead of time and a charge of 10% of the administration charge is usually connected.

Unfortunately, in Malaysia, strata occupants have yet to embrace the 'group living' idea the same number of avoid far from their obligations in settling their administration charges on time. Chris gave the calming insights - just half of strata inhabitants in Malaysia pay their administration charges on time. He brought up that there are some property proprietors who, on occasion, can't stand to pay the administration charges, and accordingly, the strata administration neglects to perform the essential repairs and different facelifts because of the absence of financing.

Joint Management Bodies (JMB) and the other gathering of strata proprietors, notwithstanding, can now cheer with the SMA 2013 becoming possibly the most important factor. Errant strata proprietors can no more escape sans scot as the execution of the SMA 2013 saw the foundation of the Strata Management Tribunal (SMT), which expresses that any strata proprietor who neglects to pay administration charges can be brought before the SMT for a request to pay up.

The SMA 2013 presents a reasonable diagram of the obligations and cutoff points of power among engineers, nearby governments, and occupants.

Strata proprietors ought to know about their rights and obligations now like never before. As Chris focused on, engineers won't be dealing with the strata property perpetually; thus its proprietors will need to assume full liability for the whole building in the long run.

The new demonstration highlights on the premise of strata living - self-administration and independence. Chris went ahead to impart to the gathering of people the 10 essential rights and commitments of a strata proprietor:

1) Provide order heading to the administration

A JMB is tasked to oversee and keep up the regular property in strata improvements from the season of conveyance of empty ownership by the designer to the buyers until the Management Corporation (MC) is framed. The MC must be set up after strata titles have been issued and no less than, a quarter of the total offer units have been exchanged to the proprietors. This hole in time of framing the MC is likewise intended to be an elegance period for the proprietors to take in the exchange of dealing with their own property with the holding hand of the engineer.

As a strata proprietor, you viably own a part of the 'organization', consequently, you would have a say in its matters. Strata proprietors ought to go to their Annual General Meeting (AGM) as the apartment suite (strata property) is their speculation, and they ought to assume a dynamic part in naming the leading body of individuals and the delegates for townhouse proprietors. As a proprietor, you will have entry to the money related records and in the event that you are miserable over a matter, working or else, you can make a move aggregately. Another essential motivation to go to the AGM is on account of the meeting will likewise see the tabling of the upkeep spending plan for the next year. Proprietors will need to guarantee that a decent spending plan is arranged (one which will create adequate salary gathering of SCs) to suit for the required support works in the year.

2) Right to ask for an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

To give convenient mediation in any issues, the Chairman of the advisory group committee might assemble for an EGM inside of 6 weeks of getting order in composing from strata proprietors who are as one qualified for no less than a quarter or 25% of the total offer units. There have been cases where proprietors are displeased because of predispositions, for example, the granting of upkeep works' agreements to relatives/companions of the administration and the abuse of assets. For the situation where the administration does not oblige to captivate the solicitation for an EGM, proprietors can then look for assistance from the Commissioner of Building (COB) or the SMT.

3) Right to ask for incorporation in the plan

Proprietors likewise have the privilege to voice out their conclusion and talk about any matter that they find imperative, by asking for an incorporation in the motivation of an EGM or AGM, gave that they submit a notification at the administration body's enlisted office no under 7 days before the meeting.

4) Right to vote amid AGM and EGM

With a specific end goal to practice this right, proprietors will need to settle the majority of their exceptional administration charges preceding the AGM or EGM. The individuals who neglect to do as such won't be permitted to make a choice for any determination. Every bundle of area (unit) will be qualified for one vote, on a show of hands, and on a survey, the quantity of votes might compare with the quantity of offer units or temporary offer units connected to the package or temporary piece.

A co-strata proprietor might vote by method for a together designated intermediary, or by appointing any of topic. For instance, an intermediary who is speaking to his wife who possesses a unit will have the capacity to make a choice for her sake. One matter to observe, nonetheless, the intermediary is not permitted to be an advisory group part in the event that he is not a proprietor.

5) Right to ask for the audit of SC and SF

In the occasion where proprietors are unsatisfied with the SC or SF being executed by the administration, where for instance they don't consent to an expansion in SC; they could apply for its audit to the Commissioner of Buildings (COB). The COB will then decide the perfect sum that ought to be charged or get an enlisted property supervisor to prescribe the said sum.

6) Statutory assumption

Should there be any between floor spillage - soddenness, dampness or water entrance on the roof or any outfitting material joined to the roof, the proprietor of the upper floor might be dependable to the said spillage without confirmation unexpectedly. This implies the proprietor of the above unit will need to take care of everything for repair works.

7) Right to record a case under the SMT

Each strata proprietor's rights are ensured under the SMT, where any question identified with strata administration falls under the locale of the SMT. Set up under the Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Ministry, the SMT was framed to give plausible answers for debate on the inability to perform a capacity, obligation or force forced by SMA 2013.

With a financial purview up to RM250,000, the SMT empowers for the understanding of debate at least cost – as no legitimate representation is permitted (in this manner wiping out high lawful expenses) and it has less expensive documenting charges as contrasted and a court continuing.

Strata proprietors will be happy to realize that a grant will be made immediately and where practicable; inside of 60 days from the primary day of a hearing. Another in addition to point arrives is no time bar in documenting a debate claim, strata proprietors are qualified to assert for the recuperation of charges or for any deformity at any given time.

8) Right to record a case against Common Property Defect Account

Basic Property has an imperfection obligation time of 24 months, for private property, like the one for your strata unit. Strata proprietors have the distinct option for case for any deformity in their regular property, for example, spillages or broken lifts inside of the imperfection period.

Before the giving over of units, engineers will need to submit 0.5% of the assessed development expense or RM 50,000; whichever is higher with the COB. This sum is to be saved into a statutory record as a procurement for any conceivable deformity in the improvement. Should the aggregate be deficient to cover any cost, the designer must top up the remaining sum.

9) Right to set up a Subsidiary Management Corporation (SMC)

The MC now might build up SMCs to speak to the hobbies of a specific gathering of package proprietors who are qualified for the selective advantage of a constrained basic property.These territories must be plainly characterized and set apart on an extraordinary arrangement, which should be submitted to the Director of Survey.

This is particularly helpful for blended improvements, where the proprietors of business units don't use certain regular property, for occurrence, an office unit proprietor won't utilize the swimming pool office. Thus, it is achievable to appoint separate sub-MCs, which will be responsible for the particular gathering, other than empowering the execution of particular SC for private, office and retail proprietors individually. A sub MC could be additionally made for the constrained utilization of a typical property. For example, the designation of a private housetop garden for the utilization of penthouse proprietors as it were.

10) Right to question the legitimateness of connection of Moveable Property

The COB has the privilege to issue a connection for strata proprietors who neglect to pay their administration charge on time. A Warrant of Attachment (Form An in the third Schedule of SMA 2013) will be issued, taking after which the COB would procure individuals to reallocate the defaulter's removable property (auto, settee, TV, and so on). On the off chance that the connection is done in blunder, nonetheless, proprietors can then apply to the Magistrate's Court for the arrival of their property inside of 14 days from the date of connection.

Love thy neighbors! – that is the counsel Chris has for strata proprietors. The group of strata occupants must understand the significance of living in concordance and participation other than assuming responsibility to ensure the very venture that they live in. All things considered, an "organization" will work ideally just when every one of its proprietors take an interest.

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posted on February 24, 2016, 5:33 pm

By Global Institute Urban World report titled; "Mapping the financial force of urban communities", China's quick development is powered by the proceeded with development of its megacities and the rise of new ones. Rising urban communities are essential as they spread riches, decrease fixation and upgrade per capita salary.

The biggest city in Malaysia is the capital, Kuala Lumpur, which contributes eight times the GDP of whatever other city in Malaysia and contributes about RM263 billion to the country's Gross National Income. With a specific end goal to spread the abundance of the country, the legislature has reported five "financial hallways" to build up the different states and push Malaysia into a completely created country by 2020.

Iskandar Malaysia improvement, propelled in November 4, 2006, is one such passageway that has been deliberately wanted to kick off the urbanization of Johor Baru and its encompassing territories.

Johor as a center point

Johor Bahru, the state capital of Johor, is deliberately situated inside of six to eight hours flight sweep from Asia's development focuses, for example, Bangalore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei and Tokyo and has a range of a worldwide business sector of about 800 million individuals. With a urban populace of 2.2 million and rustic populace of 1.1 million, the condition of Johor is overhauled by three noteworthy ports, Pasir Gudang Port, Port of Tanjung Pelepas and Tanjung Langsat Port.

Johor's business fixation has been essentially on the assembling and rural commercial ventures. The state was the third biggest donor to the country's GDP at 9.3%, behind Selangor and Kuala Lumpur at 22.1% and 14.8% individually in 2009.

The enduring stream of remote speculations and low unemployment rate in the state has expanded its allure for outside and household speculators alike to take part in its development. The outside direct venture as at March 2011 remained at RM1.05 billion notwithstanding the worldwide financial circumstance.

In spite of the fact that the economy of Johor is encountering an enduring development, the urbanization level still lingers behind Kuala Lumpur's. The administrations and land segment is stagnant with low per capita gross national salary. Experts say the state has been encountering a "center pay trap" issue - a marvel that prompts relocation of skilled laborers to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore where pay rates are higher and expectations for everyday comforts vastly improved. To coax Johor out of the trap and make a lively city, Iskandar Malaysia was conceptualized to kick off and push monetary development.

Creating Iskandar Malaysia

Iskandar Malaysia was set up on 30 July 2006. Spreading over crosswise over 547,830 sections of land, it is isolated into five leader zones and every lead has its own particular segment focus. These leads are intended to make a conurbation that finishes the attributes of a developing city.

Lead A: JB City Center

This involves the Central Business District and the State Capital of Johor. It is additionally the principle passage into and out of Singapore; in this manner it will be the essential business region supplementing Singapore's energetic monetary industry and go about as a stage to bolster neighborhood organizations.

To enhance openness between JB City Center and Singapore, both Governments are in converses with actualize the RTS-MRT venture, associating Polytechnic station (Singapore) to JB Central. The task is in its starting study stage and the transportation linkage will bolster the overwhelming activity that is streaming all through Johor Baru to Singapore.

Leader B: Nusajaya Nusajaya is the 2,400 sections of land of private and business advancement that contains seven mark improvements: Kota Iskandar (Johor state's new regulatory focus); the Southern Industrial and Logistics Clusters (SiLC); Puteri Harbor Waterfront Development (private and business improvement); EduCity (Education Cluster); Afiat Healthpark; International Destination Resort; and Nusajaya Residences. Nusajaya is situated to be essential private and business enclave.

Leader C: Western Gate Development

This mechanical advancement region covers 30,000 sections of land involving a port terminal, Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) and Tanjung Bin Power Plant. PTP ranges crosswise over 3,500 sections of land involving 2,000 sections of land of port Terminal and 1,500 sections of land of unhindered commerce zone. It is Malaysia's busiest compartment terminal - taking care of around 33% of Malaysia's aggregate holders. The terminal took care of 6.5m TEU's in 2010 and is required to handle 7.5m TEU's in 2011.

Lead D: Eastern Gate Development

This improvement is the modern and assembling center point covering 31,132ha including Pasir Gudang Port, Pasir Gudang Industrial Park, Tanjung Langsat Port and Tanjung Langsat Industrial Complex.

Key monetary exercises in the Pasir Gudang range are electrical and electronic, concoction, oleochemical, synthetic biofuels, sustenance items, designing based commercial ventures, ports and logistics, warehousing, innovative work and plastics. Substantial commercial enterprises identifying with Oil and Gas exercises like designing, creation and shipyard are additionally found this range.

Right now more than 10 oil and gas related multinational partnerships have set up operations with over RM4 billion (USD1.3 billion) contributed. Striking oil and gas ventures are:

• Technip Group's RM700 million (USD225.8 miilion) plant to make adaptable funnels in Tanjung Langsat • EEW's speculation of RM250 million (USD80.6 million) in building its fifth plant in Tanjung Langsat to create steel funnels

• Halliburton's RM200 million (USD64.5 million) fabricating focus in Johor Technology Park to supply finish hardware and solidifying devices.

• Dialog Group Berhad and Vopak contributed RM5 billion (USD1.7 billion) to build up a deepwater petroleum terminal and capacity limit in Pengerang.

Leader E: Senai-Skudai

This undertaking is synonymous with Senai International Airport and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). Senai Airport is visualized to wind up the No. 2 air terminal in the locale after Changi Airport by 2025. It takes just 30 minutes to drive from Johor Baru to Senai Airport.

Another significant improvement is the opening of Johor premium outlets by Premium Outlets, a division of US-based Simon Property Group and Genting Berhad before the end of 2011. The RM149 million outlet with 330,000 sq ft developed territory on a 17.8ha site, is the first of its kind in South-East Asia and is relied upon to open in the second from last quarter of 2011.

Mohamed Basir receptacle Mohamed Sali, the General Manager of the Johor State Investment Center (JSIC) repeats that the essential thought process behind Johor's leader advancements is to expand interest in the assembling and oil and gas segment which can prompt an overflow impact into the land and administrations segment.

In the meantime, JSIC is embracing a comprehensive way to deal with advancement by enhancing the foundation scene, social insurance, instruction offices and enhancing the administration's conveyance procedure to expand the simplicity of working together in Johor and support financial specialists' advantage.

Outstanding Investments in Iskandar Malaysia

The greatest interests in Iskandar Malaysia are from Acerinox SA of Spain and Japan's Nisshin Steel, which have conferred RM5 billion (USD1.64 billion) in speculations to manufacture a stainless steel plant.

From the Middle East, Mubadala, Millenium, Kuwait Finance House and Aldar have conferred USD1.2 billion to create properties in Medini in Nusajaya. Progressing ventures in Medini incorporate the advancement of Legoland Malaysia by Merlin Entertainment for USD200 million.

The UK's Newcastle University of Medicine is setting up a branch grounds for USD100 million in EduCity. A percentage of the other striking organizations in Iskandar Malaysia are Newcastle University Medicine (NuMed), Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS), Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology, Marlborough College, Pinewood Studios, Halliburton, BASF, Maersk Logistics, Trafigura Pte Ltd, FMC advances and Biocon Limited.

From 2008 to March 2011, Iskandar earned RM73.2 billion worth of speculations involving RM43.3 billion (59%) of residential ventures and RM30 billion (41%) outside ventures. The speculations were fundamentally from the assembling division took after by utilities, tourism and others, properties and government.

Ismail Ibrahim, CEO of Iskandar Region Development Authority clarifies that Iskandar Malaysia is focused to earn speculations worth RM60 billion in 2011 and has as of now surpassed its objective.

"The improvement has as of now pulled in an aggregate of RM73.2 billion in the principal quarter of 2011 in spite of the worldwide monetary emergency," he says.

To expand the appeal of speculations into Iskandar Malaysia, monetary and non-financial motivating forces are being offered to organizations. A portion of the motivating forces are exception from wage duty and withholding charge for a time of 10 years and unlimited business of remote learning laborers. Furthermore, organizations are permitted to get any sum in remote coin, inland and seaward.

Land Outlook

The land segment is additionally blasting because of the Iskandar Malaysia advancement. Without further ado, the private and modern sections are encountering predictable development.

The relentless inflow of operational plants moving from Singapore has expanded the interest for mechanical area. Henceforth, the cost of mechanical area has expanded from RM20-25 psf in 2008 to RM35-40 psf in 2010.

Southern Industrial and Logistics Clusters (SiLC) created by UEM Land Berhad in Nusajaya, including 1,300 sections of land of oversaw modern park, is set to provide food for the expanding request.

Costs of private properties have begun to get and the take-up rate is solid, averaging around 70 for every penny. The costs of medium expense and top of the line private properties drift around RM250,000 - RM400,000 and RM 401,000 - RM2 million individually, practically like costs in the Klang Valley.

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