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posted on October 12, 2015, 12:00 pm
What Features Do You Need?
Before you start looking for a property, you need to consider what features do you need? Do you need an extra bathroom, more rooms for the kids or lower utility bills? Do you want your own parking space, a short drive to work, or maybe minimal yard work? Once your list is complete, decide what’s most important to you.

What’s the Ideal Location?
Where you live obviously affects your lifestyle; it’s also one of the most significant influences on the value of your home. Your choice of location may be somewhat limited by the price you can afford. Even so, make sure to consider such things as distance to work, schools, shopping and entertainment.

Buying  new house

What Kind of Home?
What type of property do you want? A terrace house is attractive to many people because it typically provides more living space and land. On the other hand, a condominium may be a more appropriate choice for you, with an emphasis on maintenance-free living. Determine what type of home best suits your desired lifestyle and budget.

What’s Your Budget?

How much do you want to spend? What type of payment you are looking to use? Just as importantly, how much do you have to spend? Note there are numerous additional expenses that you’ll pay to complete the purchase of a home.
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posted on November 2, 2015, 6:02 am
1) Choose a strategic location

Before you even engage a real estate agent, decide on the location you want to buy, down to the residential area. Here’s how you decide. If you are planning to buy for your own occupation, choose a location that is near your work place with convenient access to transportation and communication infrastructures. – Lim Ah Leck, Registered estate agent, Tiram Realty

2) Aim for landed property

First time buyers should always consider landed properties first, be it a single-storey terrace or double-storey linked, even a bungalow (if your finances allow), instead of an apartment or condominium. Though the prices for landed properties can be much higher than a high-rise residential unit, it comes with the benefit of individual title for each unit, which is available immediately.
– Michael Thiruchelvam Sebastian, Principal, M. S. Properties

3) Enjoy flexibility with your home loan

1. If you are young, you have the advantage of stretching your home loan to a maximum of 35 years. This means lower monthly repayment, making your dream more affordable.
2. For first time buyer of a residential property, the margin of finance is normally 90%, making the initial down payment more affordable at 10% of the property price.
3. Get a flexible mortgage scheme, so you can repay the loan and work on bringing down your outstanding balance in the shortest time possible. If you still find property prices out of your reach, consider eliminating car instalment from your expenditure, as it made up a substantial amount of spending for most individual. Consider working for a company that provides transportation, or take public transport.
– KL See, Director, Metro Homes Group

4) Only buy a home you can afford

A home is a big ticket item, sometimes the biggest ticket item a person will purchase in his or her lifetime. Buyers who proceed solely based on their emotions often get rejected for a housing loan. At this point, he or she would have already paid the non-refundable deposit. Avoid the heartache by determining the amount of loan you can get from the bank before deciding on a property to buy. Don’t let this little, nevertheless important step of home buying, ruin your entire dream home hunting experience!
– William Yap, General manager, ERA Network (KL) Sdn Bhd

5) Do your homework

Only seek advice from experts, such as reliable and reputable property agents and other buyers or sellers in the area of your interest. Avoid making your home-buying decisions based solely on market rumours and unproven trends without first doing your own due diligence. Research is of the utmost importance when buying a property. Once you have done your research on the type of property and location, bear in mind that there are hidden costs, such as strata title, legal fees and stamp duties that will arise and can be quite costly. Therefore, if you wish to purchase your property early, start saving early. – Dr Lee Ville, Director, New Bob Realty

6) Start small and aim big later

Buying a house is your first step to building your financial net worth. However, before you look for one, it is worth doing some research on the type of property and location that match your financial capability. It is a long term commitment; it makes sense to start small as a first-time buyer before moving to bigger and more luxurious properties. With interest rates speculated to increase in the coming years, it is always good to look for fixed interest rate loan to avoid any financial turmoil that may result in a spike in your monthly repayment.
– Ho Kah Wai (Alex), Principal, Actfast Properties

7) Save money by choosing the right location

To select the best location involves considering a few factors, such as the location of your workplace and your spouse’s workplace, distance to a school (if you have children) and all your other needs. By living too far from your worlplace, you will end up spending more on transportation to work, such as petrol cost and toll.
However, if your options are limited, consider buying a home with the convenience of public transport, such near an LRT or KTM station to save on transport cost and travelling time. - Madhavan Nambiar, Principal, Country Properties

8) Engage an independent mortgage advisor

Before making the huge decision to buy a home, ensure you have a clean financial record to prevent hiccups when applying for a loan. If you have any outstanding debt with credit cards and personal loans, consolidate your debt. You can also check your credit report at the Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS) for free.
A property can be the biggest and most expensive item you purchase in your lifetime. Therefore, plan, save and ascertain that you will be able to pay your down payment before making the decision to buy.
It is also important to use an independent mortgage advisor, such as iMoney, to compare all banking property loan products, to ensure you get the best housing loan offers available. - David Yong, Director, propertrack Real Estate Investment Services

9) Choose a property based on your finances

As buying a house is a huge financial decision, a potential buyer must consider all aspects – emotional ride, the added responsibility and the finances involved – before deciding on a property. A good place to start is to know the monthly repayment you can comfortably afford and what houses and location fit your price range. - Wendy Tong, Head of Agency, PA International Property Consultants (KL) Sdn. Bhd.

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posted on February 5, 2016, 12:00 pm

It is anything but difficult to see why non natives are progressively settling down in Malaysia. As bleak prospects and soaring costs hose spirits in the West, outside eyes and wallets are attracted to Southeast Asia. Malaysia offers a perfect blend of clamoring urban areas and island getaway, wilderness experiences and kampungs, and in addition the advantage of being radiantly associated with whatever remains of the mainland and the world. Leasing property can rapidly appear like squandering cash as the months transform into years, and numerous outsiders are considering acquiring property, cognizant that it offers an insightful interest in a nation that is on the ascent.

1. Kuala Lumpur

The capital city is the principal port of call for the vast majority going through the nation, and numerous purchasers discover homes in the different neighborhoods that encompass the capital and shape some portion of Greater KL.

The capital adjusts the mix of being a cutting edge city and social city genuinely well and KL offers every one of the solaces you could wish for, so living inside of short proximity of the zone is a genuine in addition to point. The city is likewise helpful for KLIA and the KLIA 2 - air connections to the area and the world - and has great transport and street associations with whatever is left of the nation and the locale. Additionally, city living does not as a matter of course mean living in the hyper heart of KL itself; the different encompassing neighborhoods - the hotspots being Bangsar, Sri Hartamas, and Mont Kiara - can offer a more group centered life.

It's implied that costs are higher in Greater KL than in different territories, and as more flat structures go up, some might stress that esteem will drop. Costs differ, however a 5-room house in Mont Kiara begins at RM1.65 million. Know that, as the "hotspot" territories keep on evolving quickly, there is a chance that a revolting building that upsets your perspective might be constructed.

2. Selangor

Right over the state limit in Selangor, life feels somewhat less crazed. There are parts of Petaling Jaya - the most prosperous district in the state for property - where isolates houses with perspectives of lakes and parks exist, offering isolation but holding great connections to the parkway system.

An expanding number of organizations are making their home office in Selangor, and with various universal schools situated here, numerous individuals are looking to zones, for example, Ampang and Seri Kembangan to contribute their cash. Costs can be less expensive here than in spots, for example, Bangsar, however new guidelines forced by Selangor with respect to property buys by non natives to a great extent counterbalances this.

For those working in the downtown area, living in Selangor adds more opportunity to the day by day drive, in spite of the fact that there is a LRT train line running from Gombak to Kelana Jaya or the KTM which runs the distance to Klang.

3. Penang

More expats are making Penang their home, as the state offers island living in a city rich with legacy and society and a percentage of the best nourishment in the nation. There is likewise a decision of incredible and settled global schools and a flourishing expat scene, while neighborhood Penangites are additionally turning out to be progressively glad for their island.

Penang will be vigorously included in the Northern Corridor Economic Region advancement arrangement which is gone for raising the social and financial guidelines of the northern states, and some prominent activities have as of now been made arrangements for Penang.

Remembering this, it comes as meager shock that Penang house and loft costs are on the ascent, and the expense of a 5-room lodge in the Batu Ferringhi territory is tantamount to a house in Bangsar in Greater KL, however with an ocean perspective.

4. Johor Bahru

The third-biggest state in Peninsular Malaysia, Johor has dependably profit by its nearness to Singapore and offers a blend of present day society and rustic, seaside life.

Johor is set to wind up a genuine private and business center on account of the Iskandar Development, which is as of now well in progress, with brilliant neighborhoods being fabricated. The Iskandar district additionally offers numerous grounds of different instructive foundations from everywhere throughout the world.

Costs begin at around RM300,000 for a 3-room apartment suite, however can ascend to around RM2.3 million for a house in one of the staggering new improvements that offer offices, for example, greens, shops and eateries, and 24-hour security.

5. Sabah

Sabah is referred to voyagers and expats alike as a nature partners' heaven with its rich rainforests, intriguing untamed life, and staggering shorelines. While it may not be an awesome area for those working - most occupations will be in Peninsular Malaysia - numerous expats are resigning in Sabah, and property designers have reacted by creating extraordinary properties to entice those hoping to contribute.

The state is all around associated with KL and the district by means of Kota Kinabalu International Airport, and as the region sees a constant flow of voyagers, numerous individuals are purchasing occasion homes. Costs for a 3-room apartment suite begin from around RM450,000 yet can ascend to RM1.7 million for a percentage of the new advancements. Those with an eye for business could gobble up another condo or two and afterward see renting so as to endure returns them out to the steady inundation of vacationers and expats.

6. Melaka

Melaka draws in a large number of voyagers who run there to appreciate the design that is very much safeguarded, as Melaka turned into an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008.

Melaka is a little, drowsy spot amid the week, however can turn more excited as the guests slip at the weekends. So, despite everything it offers a much more casual life under two hours from KL. There are various universal schools and great clinics in the range, so while looking for some kind of employment might be troublesome, the family is effortlessly accommodated.

Property costs are less expensive in Melaka than in the capital: a 3-room apartment suite begins from RM400,000 and numerous new advancement activities are in advancement.

7. Perak

Numerous individuals - both outsiders and local people - visit Perak to appreciate the social and culinary treats on offer in Ipoh, where frontier structures and a slower pace of life give a look at the Malaysia that used to be. Ipoh is all around associated with KL by the North-South Highway and also the ETS (Electric Train Service, which can drop you in Ipoh only two hours in the wake of leaving KL Sentral).

There are a few present day advancements in advancement offering a top of the line choice for property seekers, and a 3-room apartment suite in such an undertaking begins at under RM400,000, still a take contrasted and numerous different locales of the nation. Perak state additionally offers one of the most reduced least buy costs for those under the MM2H program.

While a few individuals watch the disturbing rate of development in the nation and stress that this property air pocket will blast, there can be probably the numbers hoping to contribute keep on rising, and Malaysia appears to be set to appreciate a blast for a period yet. Putting resources into property is a major choice yet one that can be enormously beneficial, and by looking for a word of wisdom, requiring some serious energy to glance around completely, and soliciting the right inquiries from the engineers, purchasers can cut their dangers and put their cash into something advantageous.

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