Tan Quok Eow
2016 Student

"The lectures gave a good comprehensive understanding on the subject matters so lesser time and efforts required to spend on the subjects."

Aminuddin Bin Adnan
January Intake 2014

""Firstly, Good Institute has a very comprehensive studying material and with that, I can use the material to study at home, in the office - almost anywhere! Secondly, The lecturers! I found that the lecturers are equipped with industrial experience. So they manage to help me in studies and in my practice, in my work. With this excellent result, I am certain that I have chosen a right institute. Thank you Good Institute!""

W. C. Lau
March 2014 Student

"The additional tutorial class help a lot, besides crash course. Manage to answer ITL confidently in exam hall because the chapters discussed in classes really came out in examination. In my opinion, every student who came for tutorials should be able to answer exam questions"

Joel Chong
July 2013 Student

"Really love the teaching for accounting and economic subject. The preparation was really good. The lecturer provide great elaborations in tutorial sessions and showed great patience in answering our questions"

"The Principles of Economics has the best lecturer and the elaborations during the additional tutorial sessions meet the industry requirement!"
G. W. Tan
December 2013 Student

Andrew Ngiam
October 2013 Student

"I benefited a lot from the classes and the additional tutorial sessions, all students need to remember, at the end of the day, it is still the student responsibility to work extra hard to pass all the papers with good results"

"I find that the crash course and revision class helps a lot in spotting the chapter to concentrate on. So does the additional readings given in the textbook."
Walter Kuek
May 2014 Student

"For Marketing, Madam Sumathi’s teachings and explanation in tutorial really helps. Crash Course and Past year revision helps a lot for exam preparation"
Susan Choong
July 2013 Student

Lim Hong Chie
December 2013 Student

"I manage to finish accounting paper in just 30 minutes! Thanks to the revision and the past year question material prepared!"

Denise Toh
December 2013 Student

"Managed to answer all subjects on time, the crash course and analysis really helped to make revision easier!"

Winnie Kong
October 2013 Student

"Accounting and Economics examination was easy.Crash Course helps a lot in exam."

K. F. Chang
October 2013 Student

"Exam oriented syllabus and past year questions helps us to study better."