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Prices are increasing everywhere, from consumer goods such as oil, chicken, rice to construction materials such as steel, aluminium and cement. We are currently at the tail end of a decade long economic expansion and inflation is wrecking havoc in all areas of society.

With cost of living going up, where can we find opportunities to increase our income and protect our hard earned savings? Join our free online webinar to find out more on how inflation affects the real estate market and how you can find opportunities amid this challenging environment. We will share with you the strategies you can take to get ready, thrive and emerge a winner in this post-covid high inflation environment

The Diploma in Estate Agency opens the door for graduates to enter into this industry as a licensed real estate agent. With a Real Estate License, graduates will be able to practice estate agency, own an estate agency, and recruit negotiators to work under him or her.

Enjoy a Steady Monthly Income With Minimum to No Stress

Everyone wants a steady monthly income with no stress, no sales targets, no MLMs, no big investments and minimum to no stress at all! Does it sound like a dream? Attend our free preview to find out how you can earn a steady monthly income with no stress by owning a real estate license.

Million Dollar Real Estate Agents With Flexi Hours

Agents receive professional fees up to 3% for a successful property transaction and also a share of the professional fee from the negotiators under his or her care. For example, by selling one double storey terrace worth RM1 million in Klang Valley, the commission can be up to RM20,000 − RM30,000. Successful real estate agents can easily become millionaires and enjoy a comfortable life with high income and flexible work hours too.

The Wealth Multiplier

Since estate agency is such a lucrative business, imagine how your wealth can be multiplied by having a whole team of estate agents working under you. This is only possible if you are the holder of a real estate license. Real estate license holders are able to hire up to 50 negotiators to work under them to bring in more deals and close more real estate sales which translates to more income for you as the agency principal.

Join Free Webinar
Join Free Webinar

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  4. Past year trend analysis
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  6. Recorded Past year revision class
  7. Weekly optional practice homework
  8. E-library online resource
  9. Live Pre-exam crash course
  10. Good institute textbooks for all subjects

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Top real estate training provider in Malaysia

Good Institute students have received the top student award for the BOVAEP national real estate license examinations for the past 5 consecutive years. Our experienced lecturers are able to share how to ace the exam as well as their real life experiences.


Study at home or on the move

Study from home or anywhere on the move by simply logging into our online e-learning platform. This is suitable for those who can’t make it for busy people on the move or those based far away from our centres. Even the BOVAEP exam top students in Malaysia have used Good Institute online courses and methods.


Comprehensive study package at an affordable price

Our complete study package is fully comprehensive including lectures and tutorials where students can ask questions. There are also dedicated sessions for revision and an online resource available. Materials produced by Good Institute are simplified and ready to use.

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